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strange case of buyer's remorse

November 12th, 2005 at 05:02 am

I had yesterday off. Earlier in the week I'd had a great idea about how I could spend the day, and I promptly forgot what it was. It was maddening! I ended up running errands instead--I took J's monoprint to the framers, and then went to TJ Maxx for some new gloves. I stopped by the hardware store on the way home just to browse, because I am weird and love walking through hardware stores. I bought a 2-pack of store brand Latex gloves, and a $5 magazine. I didn't realize it was $5 until after I'd paid for it, and then I was so angry at myself! On the way home I kept thinking about it and how I'd never get that $5 back. Strange, the way buyer's remorse strikes hard, fast and inappropriately sometimes. I don't think I've ever regretted blowing almost that much on a latte. Why do we attach value to some things and not others when they're more or less equal?

J's been in D.C. on a business trip; he arrives home today. We have a 5 p.m. appointment with a door and window company to get some of our windows replaced. Just in time, too--we had a hard frost last night. During this morning's walk I could see the dog's breath on the air.

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