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Thanks for the comments

November 15th, 2005 at 12:15 pm

Thanks to the folks who commented on my last post. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! I felt better after I vented to a) you folks b) my husband, c) a friend, and d) my sister. My husband and I decided to take one person off the list, go “cheap” on two others, and postpone another (after speaking with my sister, we decided that rather than get my niece yet another toy I’d contribute to her college savings account, which I’ll do after the holidays).

Jodi_M, you asked if my family would consider a change in the Christmas tradition. My sisters and I have been working on my mom for years, but I’m still holding out hope that we can rein her in a little. Baby steps! My sisters and I haven’t exchanged gifts in a few years now in an attempt to curb spending. For a couple (good) reasons, my husband is more reluctant to change some of his family’s traditions, but we did do the cutting from the list of his recipients. I agree with baselle--I still think the holiday is a huge affront to the frugal folk, but maybe with some planning and more work on my mom, next year will be better. We’ve also decided on a “one year on, one year off” travel schedule—I need to break that to my mom, though (after the holidays, I think). We spent nearly $1300 on plane tickets, rather than the ~1000 I was expecting. Frown

Jorge, it’s so funny that you recommended that book. I actually have it, as it’s been recommended to me twice before as a tool to help my relationship with my parents! I haven’t read it yet—I really think I need to, though; if three people have recommended it to me for the same reason, that’s saying something!

After yesterday, you’d think I’d have a spree of no-spend days, but the muffins in the library café were calling to me…at least I brought my lunch today and yesterday.

Muffin $1.42

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