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End of workweek

November 18th, 2005 at 09:04 am

I'm so ready for the short week and long weekend that are coming up. At least J and I will have a nice quiet holiday together before the Christmas frenzy begins in earnest.

I was very good about bringing my lunch this week, saving myself at least $25.00. But, it was hardly a no-spend week:

muffin from Tuesday 1.42
soaps for J 5.20
slippers for J 14.45
gas 19.00 (cheapest it's been in a while!)
parking .05 (12 mins.)
Balance due for new iron railing 230.00
vet 57.60
lawn company 100.00 (for leaves--at first I wondered about the wisdom of this expense, but then I did my "life hours" calculation that I learned from "Your Money and Your Life," and discovered it probably would have taken me longer to rake them myself, and then I would have had a terrible backache to boot)
Ebay earnings (+5.20)

Total: 422.52. WOW!

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