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well, so much for that

November 23rd, 2005 at 08:22 am

Yesterday wasn't a no-spend day after all. (Thanks, btw, to DivaJen and Baselle for their comments--I agree with both of them!) I stopped by CVS on the way home from the library to look for a memo-sized 3-ring binder to make a grocery price book with. I didn't find that, but I did find Q-Tips on sale, lens cleaning spray (for cleaning DVDs--our cheap DVD player is really picky about dirt) and earplugs, all of which I truly needed--though I now suspect lens cleaning spray is really overpriced alcohol in a spray bottle and will keep that in mind in the future.

THEN, J told me about a 20% off sale Banana Republic is having on outerwear. My winter coat is on its 5th year and is looking a little shabby, and the liner which is torn in several places (the pockets are unusable for this reason). We'd gotten 20% coupons from them earlier in the month, and they could be used in conjunction with this sale. However, they were having an even better promotion online--$50 off $200. I ended up with a coat and two long-sleeved t-shirts for $158.00 and free shipping. I liked the picture of the coat, but if it's not absolutely perfect I'm going to return it. I'm learning that it ain't a bargain unless you're thrilled with it. (I don't completely agree that it's not a bargain unless you'd have paid full price for it--one, I hate paying full price for anything, which dampens my enthusiasm for the item to begin with, and two, I've found that I can learn to love something that I got a good deal on, even if it's not as beautiful or luxurious as I'd initially wanted.)

Today I didn't have time to make my lunch, so I ponied up $4.12 at the salad bar at the student center.

I don't really regret anything except the $4.12, at least.

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