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not a bad start to the month

December 7th, 2005 at 09:31 am

J did bills before he left for NYC, and we had more money left over than we usually do. It was the same last month. We don't budget--I tend to agree with David Bach that budgets aren't the answer--I think we're just spending less on ourselves lately. It's a nice feeling.

It's almost been a no-spend week; however on Monday I paid the deposit down for our new windows and door ($1400), and yesterday I bought a book from Amazon Marketplace ($12.40, Nice Girls Don't Get Rich). So far, I've brought my lunch every day this week. I'm going grocery shopping tonight so I should be able to manage tomorrow and Friday, too.

I tried making some financial goals but didn't come up with anything earth-shattering. I did realize I likely won't be able to pay off my Chase card ($6550) next year unless we have some sort of windfall. I think I'll try to transfer it to another 0% APR card when my year runs out in March. Sigh...

I'd like to continue putting about $700/month towards retirement, which includes my employer's contribution. Not sure how much I'll contribute to my new Roth.

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