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good meals for hard times

December 15th, 2005 at 07:50 am

I can't recall who was looking for this book online, but I'd been intrigued by their description and checked it out from the library. I really like it! The author has an amusing writing style, and the recipes are actually pretty creative (especially for the 70s). I made a bean and potato curry dish last night that was good. The nutritional info is a little out of date, and of course the prices she quotes, but I believe most of the recipes are still considered "healthy." I checked online for prices for this book; unfortunately they're still high.

I had three no-spend days in a row this week. This a.m. I had to ship out a box and buy stamps and spent a little over $12. I was going to take my chances with parcel post, but priority was only .70 more.

I'm feeling less irritated by the holiday spending situation. I'm going to make a point of paying for as much of the trip as possible with cash vs. using a credit card. We've already paid for the airline tickets which were the costliest items.

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