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December 29th, 2005 at 11:04 am

Oh, we are FINALLY home. It was a long 7 days. It was actually a better trip than I imagined it would be--I would even say it was nice--but nothing beats being in your own space again. Only the dog was happier to be home. We sprung him from the kennel last night. Our plane was late, and I called the kennel and asked if we could arrange for an after-hours pickup, and told the owner I'd be happy to pay the fee ($30). However, when we got there she told us not to worry about it--I thought that was really nice. Definitely going to have to send a thank-you note.

I'm feeling a little lazy today; too lazy even to read all of my favorite personal finance blogs which I normally love doing. I've gone to get milk and the mail and cleaned up a little, but that's probably all I'll do today. I go to work tomorrow and then we have a three-day weekend. Maybe by the end of it I'll be back to my normal self and can finalize my 2006 financial goals.

I tried to pay for as much as possible with cash this trip, but I know J put about $600 worth of expenses (hotel, car) on his credit card. Going to have to nag him to pay $600 above what he'd normally put towards the credit card when we do bills.

ING still hadn't closed out my Roth when I checked this a.m., so I called. They said they should be able to close it today. Still feel silly about my mistake, but oh well.

1 Responses to “Hoooome”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I aways find that unpacking after a trip is more of a hassle then packing for a trip. Then there is the laundry! AArrggghhhh!

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